Adobe Spark – Giving Voice to Your Work

I was lucky enough to attend a session by Jenn McMahon while at our annual WEMTA Conference. She shared a set of fantastic resources she uses with her Elementary age students to create video and audio projects in the library. During the presentation we were able to view several of the projects that they have done, which ignited my curiosity about several of the applications mentioned. I was first drawn to Adobe Spark (formerly Adobe Voice) and the projects they were able to make using the free version of this software.

The interface is straightforward and easy to work within, which is a bonus for anyone who may not feel comfortable trying new technologies. Within minutes I was able to match a fantastic image and quote to design the poster. When my curiosity led me to editing the text and photo, these processes were also straightforward. There are several filters you can place on the photo to adjust the mood of the piece, and several color options for the text as well. Downloading and sharing your work is also a click of a button, or few depending on your preference. The work is then stored in your project collection so that you can access it whenever you wish.

After clicking on the boxed SP logo in the upper left corner to return to the main screen, I decided to venture into video creation aspect of Spark. I was once again struck by how simple the interface was and how readily I was able to choose a theme for my video, add images, video clips, and text. As an added bonus, a tutorial popped up immediately before I could create the project. The tutorial only lasted a minute, but gave me a great feel for how the program ran.

This software is ideal for use with Elementary and older students, or as a vehicle for sharing your lesson with students. Highly recommended!



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